The Murder Night Of Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron Goldman

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On the murder night of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, was a massive outburst on the media. As stated (Turvey December 1995) both bodies were found at 12:10Am, June 13 1994 inside of Nicole’s house located at 875 South Bundy reported by witnesses seeing a river of blood. As we get closer to the murder care of both Nicole and Ron many unanswered question starts to pile up, from who could had possibly had done this to why they ever did this. Both bodies had severe wounds, as stated by Adelson [1] and DeMaio [2] (Cause, Mechanism & Manner of Death), having Nicole with a total of 12 deeply wounds, as explained: # defense wounds, 1 blunt force injury to the head, 1 fatal slash wound to the neck, 4 stab/slice wounds to the neck, 3…show more content…
What had everyone ticked, was the rest of the evidence found, as mentioned, the bloody gloves, one was found on the murder scene, and a second matching was found behind Simpsons guest house. Both gloves were tested for DNA results and containing Simpsons and both victims, but as results came in the defense was not convinced, but could have been framed by Detective Mark Fuhrman, a racist cop with what could have been a grudge against Simpson. A second item was found, a sock as stated from the article (O.J Simpson civil trial, 10/18/96), they found DNA genetically marking Simpson and ex-wife’s. But as defense spoke, they were not convinced for the fact that t could have been framed, just like the bronco with a blood stain. The bronco was vied by numerous unauthorized people and could have stained the carpet. Studies say, when the vehicle was first seen, there was no blood stains until after. Same goes for the sock, as mentioned (William C. Thompson, professor, Department of Criminology, law &society, university of California, Irvine, California) received Simpsons reference tube. Oddly given information from the tube, there had seem to had been missing a percentage of the blood, tube containing between 7.9 and 8.1 ml, when the LAPD laboratory received, it had been dawned up to eight milliliters (ml), containing 6.1ml inside the tube. When the sock was being tested for any type of DNA it

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