The Murder Of A Prison Guard

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Davis became involved with freeing three black inmates of Soledad Prison in California. The three black inmates were George Jackson, John Clutchette, and Fleeta Drumgo. People also know these inmates as the Soledad Brothers. The three men had been charged for the murder of a jail guard. The guard had been shoved over a prison railing when he stumbled into a rebellion among African American prisoners began by the deaths of three black prisoners by another prison guard. Although, it has been claimed that there was no evidence that Jackson, Clutchette, and Drumgo had killed the guard. They were charged with his murder. As it went on, Davis began corresponding with Jackson and soon developed a personal relationship with him. Davis and Jackson’s little brother, Jonathon traveled to all the hearings held at the court that had to do with the Soledad Brothers ' case. There were other supporters that supported the Soledad Brothers. On August 7, 1970, Jonathon wanted his brother to be freed. To make that happen, he used a gun that was registered to Davis and had a shoot-out at the Marin County Courthouse. At least four were killed during the incident, including Jonathon and judge of the Superior Court Harold Haley. Soon after the incident, Davis was charged with kidnapping, conspiracy, and murder, in the state of California that can get you the death penalty. However, after hearing what will happen to her, she left the state traveling in disguise away from Los Angeles and
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