The Murder Of Charles Manson

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People typically connect the end of Camelot to JFK’s murder, well, I believe that's not true and here's why; The Manson Family murdered and terrorized more than 35 American families. Consequently since Charles Manson had such a terrible childhood, he turned to crime and violence. In Manson´s early years, he was a convicted car thief and pimp. Manson was inprisioned in 1960, and granted parole in 1967. Soon after he had been released he moved in with Mary Bronner in Berkeley, CA. Not long after he moves in with Bronner, he convinces her to let other women move in with them. After awhile he dubbed the group “The Family”. During the summer of 1967, Manson and his ‘family’ moved to San Francisco. Their, Manson was exposed to a virarity of beliefs
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