The Murder Of Emily By Harry Gordon

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Posing as a wealthy inventor by the name of Harry Gordon, Holmes met a lady named Minnie Williams in 1893, and they soon became engaged. Julia and Pearl Connor seemed to disappear out of nowhere. Holmes later confessed that Julia had died in a bungled abortion he performed on her and then poisoned Pearl. He murdered Julia and Pearl because of Julia’s jealous feelings towards Minnie; “But I would have gotten rid of her anyway, I was tired of her,” stated Holmes while confessing to Julia’s murder. Minnie lived at the castle for over a year. She knew of the murders taking place and even instigated the murder of Emily Van Tassel, a 17 year old girl who worked at the candy store on the first floor of the hotel. Emily’s fiance, Robert Phelps, came by to visit Emily at work one day. Holmes had already murdered Emily so he captured Phelps and killed him using a “stretching experiment”. In April of 1893, Minnie’s property located in Texas was deeded over to Benton T. Lyman, an alias of Ben Pietzel, Holmes’s accomplice. Holmes also arranged a mine accident to kill Minnie’s brother. Minnie’s sister Nannie came to visit in Chicago. Seduced by Holmes, Nannie agreed to sign over her land in Fort Worth to him. Minnie became jealous of her sister and the attention Holmes was giving her and became enraged. She killed Nannie, and Holmes dumped her body in Lake Michigan, telling others she had gone back to Texas. Having someone like Minnie to do such a thing as murder for him…
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