The Murder Of Fortunado By Edgar Allan Poe

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The pains, the anguish, I cannot contain this guilt for much longer. I must confess the most horrific sin committed. Fortunado is dead, but his soul continues to mock me from the grave. He haunts my mind and disturbs my rest. I fear soon I will be consumed in guilt . Make haste, and listen to my story. Relive me from my unceasing burden. I had borne thousands of injuries , but the insult that ignited my desire for Fortunado's extermination is when he "accidentally" killed my only son and sole heir of the Montresor family. He tried to prove his innocence with his counterfeit honeyed half-truths, but I was there on the day Giovanni was ruthlessly incinerated at the mercy of Fortunado. My faithful spies inconspicuously hid me in an empty
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