The Murder Of Hae Min Lee

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The Murder of Hae Min Lee: Is Adnan Syed Innocent or Guilty? What would you do if a convicted criminal’s guilt was being questioned? Would you have the urge to let your inner detective shine? If you are one of those people, the perplexity of this murder would be right up your alley. On January 13, 1999, in Baltimore, Maryland, 18-year old high school senior Hae Min Lee mysteriously disappeared after school, leaving her family and friends worried. Weeks later, on February 9, 1999, the innocent young woman’s body was found buried in Leakin Park. Many people, including the whole state of Maryland, pointed fingers at Adnan Syed. Syed comes from a traditional Muslim family, yet he did “American teen-like” things, such as dating and going to…show more content…
He has a lot of girls!’” (Episode 2: The Breakup p. 37). When someone is going around dating other people, it is apparent that they have moved on with their lives. If this is true about Adnan, he couldn’t have been the one to commit the crime, as people who trust that he is guilty are convinced that his main motive for killing Hae was because he was broken-hearted. This next quotation is from the part of the story when Koenig was discussing matters on the phone with a former schoolmate of Adnan’s, Asia McClain, who is yet another important person in the case. McClain was talking about a conversation she had had with Adnan while she was waiting to be picked up from the library. “And he told me that him and Hae had broke up. And I was like, oh, well, that 's a bummer. And I was like, what happened? And he was like, oh, well, she is seeing this other guy, some white dude, but he was pretty chill about it. He was just like, you know, well, if she doesn 't want to be with me, then that 's fine. I just wish the best for her-- that kind of attitude.” (Episode 1: The Alibi p. 24). In the words of McClain, “...but he was pretty chill about it.” What she meant by this was that Adnan didn’t overreact about he and Hae splitting, because if he did, it would show that he was irate with the fact that his relationship with her ended. Adnan did not show any signs of jealousy or anger towards Hae, thus proving that he didn’t have a motive to kill her. Furthermore, Jay’s story
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