The Murder Of Innocent Civilians

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America has always been depicted as an amiable place to live in. Generally, foreigners would picture America as the perfect place to raise a family and lead a joyous life. In their mind, the idea of the perfect fifties’ family household still holds true. Nevertheless, this image was quickly shattered, as the adverse and hostile environment that surrounded them proved to be more difficult than imagined. One of the biggest mistakes that they failed to recognize was the atrocious, random, murder of innocent civilians. These murders were frequently published on the front-page of every major newspaper, which led to the development of an insatiable interest in the demise of others. This is true in the nineteenth and, more predominately,…show more content…
Leopold is described as a highly skilled scholar, but is a social recluse due to his hormonal abnormalities. Loeb, on the other hand, is handsome and societal. Nevertheless, he possesses a sinister side, his love for the life of crime. The film revolves around four main characters, Brandon Shaw, Phillip Morgan, Rupert Cadell, and the victim, David Kentley. Brandon and Phillip pertain to New York’s elite class and are intelligent, sophisticated men. Rupert, being a philosopher of sorts, instills the idea of Friedrich Nietzsche’s übermensch upon Brandon and Phillip. Thus, this drives them to kill their former classmate, David. While Hitchcock explains the philosophical motive of the murder, author Miriam Allen deFord in her work, Superman’s Crime: Loeb and Leopold, depicts Leopold and Loeb as criminal masterminds and illustrates their heinous act as well as specific details of their trial. She rarely includes any details regarding the mindset of the two teenagers as well as the ethics behind their murder. Whereas the true crime article, written by deFord, focuses more on the actions committed by the perpetrators, the Hitchcock focuses on the psychological aspects of each character and the philosophy behind the killing. As such, the film surpasses the article on almost every level. Throughout Hitchcock’s film, the philosophical idea of Übermensch is prevalent and openly discussed by the characters. This controversial theory
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