The Murder Of Jack The Ripper

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Police and Crime Investigators are still asking questions about the notorious murderer Jack the Ripper. His victims, letters, and the wild investigation all lead up to a mystery that may never be solved. Who was Jack the Ripper? April 3rd, 1888, in the East End of London near the Whitechapel District, the first of five of the most famous unsolved murder cases in history occurred. Emma Smith, a local prostitute, was maliciously attacked by a gang at the Wentworth Street Junction on Osborn Street. The gang robbed her of all her money and beat her senseless. They even forced a blunt object into her genitalia. Smith survived her initial attack and managed to struggle back to her home on George Street where several of her neighbors became aware…show more content…
The town of Whitechapel was stuck with terror. On August 31, 1888, about three weeks after the murder of Martha Tabram, the body of Mary Nichols was found lying in Buck’s Row drenched in her own blood. Charlie Cross, a resident near Buck’s Row, discovered the body of Mary Nichols. The body was positioned in the same way that Martha Tabram’s body was. She was lying on her back, legs stretched out, with her skirt risen above her waist. He told the nearest officer, Constable John Neil, who then went to examine the scene of the crime. Constable Neil stated, “I had been round there half an hour previously, and saw no one then. I was on the right side… when I noticed a figure lying in the street. It was dark at the time… I examined the body by the aid of my lamp, and noticed blood oozing from a wound in her throat. She was lying on her back with her clothes disarranged.” He called for assistance and Dr. Llwellyn came to the scene where he pronounced Mary Nichols…show more content…
Like the other victims, she was also a prostitute. On September 8, 1888, a bit before six in the morning, John Davis, an elderly man who resided at 29 Hanbury Street, was walking downstairs through the dark passageway that would lead him outside when he witnessed a sight that would render him horrified. He then saw two men walking through the same passageway, so he called them over. They followed John Davis into the backyard of the building where they all witnessed the mutilated body of Annie Chapman lying between the steps of the building and a wooden fence. Her head was turned toward the house and her clothes had been hoisted above her waist just like the other victims. Her hands were covered in blood, and her throat had been slashed. The three men go off to search for a police, and eventually Inspector Chandler arrives. He calls for medical help and a man named Dr. Bagster Phillips comes to the scene. He left a testimony that stated,
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