The Murder Of James Bulger

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An Essay On The Murder of James Bulger James Patrick Bulger was born on the 16th of March, 1990, to Ralph and Denise Bulger in Kirkby, Merseyside. When he was only two years old, James was lured through the village of Walton, led up to the railway track and murdered by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both ten-years-old. His body found a week later. Now, almost 20 years later, after the divorce of James’ parents and the release of the boys, the James Bulger case is still as tragic and atrocious as it was when it happened. Venables and Thompson had disruptive childhoods, as neither had responsible parent figures. Thompson grew up surrounded by neglect and domestic abuse in a household of which his mother’s alcoholic tendencies and…show more content…
Venables and Thompson were seen earlier that day shoplifting from several stores as they observed families with small children. When the boys approached James, they seized him by the hand and marched him out of the shopping centre in a hurry. This moment was caught via CCTV cameras set around the location at approximately 3:42 pm. Jon and Robert lead James on a nearing three-mile walk through Liverpool, first, to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The confused toddler sustained a concussion as the boys joked and jeered over pushing him into the canal. During this period of time, Venables, Thompson, and Bulger, who was in a distressed state, crying as he was dragged through the streets were witnessed by nearly 40 people; all who assumed he was a relative or a lost boy they were taking to the police station. Additionally, they ended up in Walton, but considering they were stood opposite the Walton Police station, they panicked and pulled Bulger up a steep bank, leading out onto a nearby railway. This railway was the exact location of which they began torturing him. The poor, defenseless toddler, petrified as he screamed in agony and yelled for his mother was battered with bricks and batteries. Moreover, he’d also had paint thrown at him, and was beaten to a pulp with an iron bar. Overall, the little boy was subjected to so much pain and physical harm that he’d sustained 42 injuries. Venables
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