The Murder Of Skylar Neese Was A Case That Shocked The

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The murder of Skylar Neese was a case that shocked the entire nation. It was a case of betrayal and heartbreak that once solved brought about more questions than it did answers and left a cloak of fear over the town and citizens of Sky City, West Virginia. July 6, 2012 was a night no one in the town would have ever imagined possible or could ever forget. Skylar Neese was just an average sixteen-year-old girl who believed she was going out for a night of fun; that quickly turned south as she was attacked and stabbed to death by her two best friends, Sheila and Rachel. They were also sixteen-year-old girls whom defied all gender norms as they crossed the line from innocent female high school students to murderers. This paper will analyze the…show more content…
It has also been seen that “boys are almost five times as likely to be arrested for violent index crimes as are girls” (Britton 2011:27). This is due to the fact that females are typically considered to be too nurturing and weak to be able to commit any crimes much less murder. The case of Sheila and Rachel has proven that these are purely just misconceptions and that women can just as easily commit any sort of crime with the same efficiency as men, as proved in Britton’s theory about a new emerging “liberated female offender” (Britton 2011:28). When they murdered Skylar, there was no sense of remorse or nurturing at all. Rachel described that as they stabbed Skylar they could hear her neck making weird sounds and instead of stopping to realize what they were doing they instead continued to stab her until the sounds stopped (Ashdown 2014). In addition, prior to the murder Sheila and Rachel played a game with Skylar where they asked her which would be her preferred way to die and instead of taking one of her suggestions, such as suffocation or being shot by a gun, they chose to brutally stab her a total of ten times (Dateline 2014). This case shows that just because women are supposed to be loving and nurturing, that does not mean that they always are. Women too can just as easily turn to violence and anger as a way to resolve their problems and achieve their goals. Another common belief that this case
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