The Murder Of Ted Bundy

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There have been many serial killers all over the world known for murdering innocent people but there is one in particular who made an impact in society, Ted Bundy. This man known for his good looks and charm with young women is what helped him to murder all these woman’s and have gone away with it for a several time. This happened during the 1970’s, Ted Bundy did not live an ordinary life and this is probable reason as to why he led a life of murderous crimes with women. Ted Bundy was born November 24, 1946 he did not have a normal life he was raised by his grandparents and with him believing those were his actual parents and that his mother was his older sister. The Bundy family isolated him which he never got that family relationship yet he was very smart at school and popular. Also another thing that impacted life was a girl that went to the University of Washington who he fell madly in love with, Stephanie Brooks, who did not so much feel the same and broke it off. Due to his emotional devastation it is said that this is another reason to why he killed the victims he did, the people he selected had some of the same physical similarities to Stephanie Brooks. During that time he found the truth about his actual parents and that led to a huge psychological shock but he kept on his studies and majored in psychology. He then married Meg Anders and had a young daughter and 5 years after they got divorced. Then later out through time he met Stephanie Brooks again and they…

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