The Murder Of The Black Boys

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In 1931, nine African American boys were accused of raping two white women. The boy’s ages ranged from 12-20 years old. The names of the black boys were Roy Wright 12, Eugene Williams 13, Charlie Weems 16, Ozie Powell 16, Willie Roberson 16, Olen Montgomery 17, Haywood Patterson 18, Andy Wright 19, and Clarence Norris 19. The trial is notoriously known as The Scottsboro Boys Trial. While the trial is considered a key trial in America’s criminal justice system, it showed the injustice in the Jim Crow south legal system. On March 25, 1931, nine African Americans were riding a cargo train with a number of white males and two white women. While on the train, a fight broke out between the white and black boys that were on the train. The black boys were able to kick the white boys off the train. The white boys alerted the station master that they were assaulted by a group of black boys. Once the train got to the next stop, all of the black boys were detained and transported to a jail in Scottsboro, Alabama. While the black boys were not detained by the police, they were detained by an angry group of whites. While at the station, the boy’s charges were related to the fight that was on the train. When the police questioned the two girls that were on the train, the girls said that they were raped; they said that in order to evade ethics charges. This was important because any African American male accused of raping or murdering whites would get lynched. The woman names

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