The Murder Of The Maribal Sisters By Julia Alvarez

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The murder of the Maribal sisters has given the world an inside view on the lives of the sisters. Trujillo‘s evil dictatorship impacted the lives of the dominican people and left a scar on their hearts forever. Since the assassination of Trujillo, the sisters have been recognized through their poems, letters, and books. Larry Rohter, author, explained in a 1997 New York Times article that “the sisters were known in their days as members of the anti-Trujillo underground, into symbols of both popular and feminist resistance.” This explains the power and freedom the sisters were able to achieve for themselves and for the Dominican society. The sisters fought for freedom continuously and were able to defeat a dictator with their power of…show more content…
Minerva’s dreams are right in front of her but she chooses to be with her family instead. Minerva’s dreams are so close to her and she wants to become someone better for herself and for her family. However she feels that she needs to stay closer and develop into someone who can protect her family. The restrictions placed on her are based on her families’ judgement and the society, however, she chooses to find a path that will give her the ability to grow either way. The Maribal sisters find power in their weakness by refusing to be dominated by Trujillo and by visualizing a democratic nation where the people share power. “I see a guardia, and I think, who have you killed. I hear a police siren, and I think who is going to be killed. See what I mean? I see the picture of our president with eyes that follow me around the room, and I am thinking he is trying to catch me doing something wrong. Before, I always thought our president was like God, watching over everything I did.” (1.3.107) When Mate finds out that the president is not a good man, she finds it hard to believe. To her, he was so powerful that she thought of him as godlike, all-powerful. And when the all-powerful turn out to be evil, she felt very frightened and confused. After finding out Trujillo’s bad side, Mate realizes that she is imprisoned by a secret and a reality. Don Enrique claims Trujillo needs help

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