The Murder Of The Richest Man

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“What a strange day this turned out to be,” said the detective as she stepped off the cliff. “It had been a strange day,” she thought. “Goodbye world,” she thought. She was right it was a strange day. But let 's start from the beginning. Early this morning… Beep Beep Beep. There goes her alarm. Cassidy Rose reaches up her arms and yawns. Another day another crime to solve. She had been head over heels obsessed with this case. The murder of the richest man in the state. Mr Harold Washington. He was found in his mansion dead on the ballroom floor. They think he died of drug overdose but, Cassidy suspected foul play. In his house the police found no evidence of pills anywhere. Cassidy is on the case. She slowly got up out of bed to take a shower and make her coffee. Then she got a call. “Hello,” said Cassidy. “Hey Cass,” said Cassidy’s fiancé Brad. Brad and Cassidy were highschool sweethearts . Ever since Sophomore year they 've been head over heels for each other. Now that they 're older they 're going to get married and have a happy life together. “I found out some more details about Washington’s murder,” said Brad. “Really?” asked Cassidy. “Ya I 'll pick you up in an hour,” said Brad. “Ok,” replied Cassidy. She had to quickly shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. Thanks Brad for understanding her busy schedule. 1 hour later.. Ring!! There goes the doorbell, Brad must be here. Cassidy runs to open the door to let Brad in. “ Hey sweetie,” says Brad. “Hey, Brad,”

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