The Murder Of William Boyd, Steven Rogers, And Andru Crowley

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To: Judge I. DiCidem From: 22 Re: Case Terry Vickorie, Steven Rogers, and Andru Crowley will face many charges for their involvement in the homicide of William Boyd, and their actions leading up to and after the event. The charges the boys face will be determined by what the prosecution believes they can prove to a jury, and the wording of the statutes. The prosecution will likely bring the charges of stalking, bribery, conspiracy to burglary, burglary, felony murder, and felony kidnapping. For the events leading up to William’s death. The prosecution will have many options of charges to press in the death of William. This will depend on statute wording, and abundance of evidence toward each charge. First, the boys will be charged with stalking. Stalking is the repeated following and harassing of an individual. The prosecution must prove that the boys followed and harassed William. The prosecution will provide evidence that the three boys knew that William could be intimidated, and threatened him to keep quiet. The three boys continued to keep this pressure on him for an extended period of time until William intended to inform on them. In defense, it will be argued that the boys did not go out of their way to follow William, and there is not enough evidence to support a conviction on this charge. Looking at the evidence, it appears defense is accurate in stating that there is probably not enough evidence to prove stalking to a jury. The boys will most likely be found not

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