The Murray Darling Basin 's Natural Environment

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The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s most iconic and largest river system, covering over 1,000,000 square kilometres, which is 14% of the total area of Australia. It extends from the bottom of Queensland to South Australia. The Basin is the catchment area for the Murray-Darling River located in the interior of South-eastern Australia.

Many of the Basin’s natural resources are of high environmental value. It is one of the most significant agricultural areas in Australia, as it accounts for around $4.8 billion (39% of the national income derived from agricultural production) of Australia’s agricultural output and producing over one-third of Australia’s food supply, making it not only of crucial importance to the region, but to the entire nation. Also, more than 3 million people directly depend on the Basin’s water resources.

The Murray-Darling Basin’s natural environment is continuing to be under threat from natural and human activities and their consequences. An example of a human activity affecting the Basin is river regulations and storage. It is recognised as one of the most serious environmental issues in the Basin. River regulations and storage issues brings enormous strain to the Basin’s agricultural communities, industries, economy, and natural environment.

Several local councils, Government departments, catchment management authorities, including the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, hold the responsibility of managing the Basin’s water…
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