The Muscular And Nervous Systems Of Our Body

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The Muscular and Nervous Systems of our body are two of eight major body functional systems that help us maintain homeostasis or in a chemical balance within our bodies. When the body cannot maintain homeostasis there is usually some sort of sickness or disease that is targeting one of our major body functions. An example of two diseases that could affect our homeostasis within our Muscular and Nervous System are Hydrocephalus and Dystonia.

The Nervous System is the system of our body that deal with the many nerves in our body that help us respond and react to things outside of our body that could or could not be conscious to us. The disease Hydrocephalus is a disease that affects the Nervous System through the brain. Hydrocephalus is when fluid that normally would help cushion our brain becomes excessive. This fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid. By this fluid becoming excessive it puts harmful pressure on the brain. Hydrocephalus can be categorized into two types. Congenital Hydrocephalus and Acquired Hydrocephalus. Congenital Hydrocephalus is present at birth. The causes could be genetic or inherited through the parent’s genes or problems during fetus development. Acquired Hydrocephalus is happens after birth and at any age. Several causes such as head injuries, strokes, infections, tumors, and bleeding in the brain are ways that can lead a person’s diagnoses of Acquired Hydrocephalus. Symptoms patients should look for after experiencing one of these causes are:
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