The Muscular Dystrophy Canada

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Health Education Resource Critique
The use of creditable and appropriate resources is important for educators because all internet should be adept at critically evaluating information (Rankin, Stallings & London, 2005, p.380). To ensure that information is unbiased, accurate, and up to date and clear to the reader the educator should evaluate each resource that is going to be used (Rankin, et al., 2005, p. 280). Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass (Muscular Dystrophy Canada, 2015). The Muscular Dystrophy Canada has developed a web page available for those effected by muscular dystrophy and their caregivers. It is located at the web address Information on this site
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On examination the user will be able to find out that the web page was designed for those effected with muscular dystrophy and others who are involved in their care. The header of the site’s main page tells the user why the site was created. This is due to a list of drop down menus designed to become noticed easily, the titles are located in a highlighted column. The font size varies on the first page but it can be enlarged by selecting font size on the top left corner. The search engine is located at the top right corner and is easy to locate. Contact information is found in a contacts section located in the drop down menu located in the header and also located in the footer, the contact information includes names, phone numbers and email addresses. The body contains pictures that link to new and important information such as special dates or news. The footer of the web site contains a detailed site map so the user can find information efficiently. There is a link to multiple social media sites near the bottom of the front page which increases the usability of the website, it also can be used to improve or enhance professional networking and education, organizational promotion, patient care, patient education, and public health programs (Ventola, 2014). As a quick review on the three components similar to other web pages the first impression is
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