The Muscular System of the Human Body Essay

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The muscular system is a very important part of the human body. It has many components and functions, and is the source of the body’s movement. There are roughly 650 muscles in the human body and are different types of muscles. Muscles can either be voluntary or involuntary which means controlled or uncontrolled movement. Muscles have many reasons and in this paper you will widen your knowledge of muscles and their functions as well their diseases and how they help maintain the body. There are three different types of muscles in the body, and the first to be talked about are skeletal muscles. The body consists of about 640 skeletal muscles and they just so happen to be the only voluntary or (controlled) muscles. Their main function is to…show more content…
For example refer to figure 1-2 of the stomach. Last but not least is the cardiac muscle, the only place the cardiac muscle can be located is the heart. Its main function is to contract through stimulation of other cardiac muscle within the heart which pulses the blood through the heart were it can be distributed through the body. While blood is being pumped, hormones send signals to your brain which is how the rate of contraction is adjusted. The most muscular part of the heart is the middle called the myocardium which is the main contraction control part. This muscle is made of protein fibers known as sarcomeres which are responsible for contractions. For example of cardiac muscle refer to figure 1-3 of the heart. Muscles have three different basic types of cells, striped or striated and then smooth. Striated muscle has grooves that show each individual cell, these cells are extended to the length of the muscle so that they can contract and expand along with the muscle. Sooth muscles which can be found in the digestive tract, or stomach are not made as long because they do not need to be, they are that more similar to non muscular cells because they are smooth and not elongated like cardiac and or striated muscle cells. Cardiac muscle is like the skeletal muscle but shorter and are branched together which gives them a distinct characteristic and makes it easier to pump blood throughout the heart. Even
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