The Museum Is A Great Education Tool Of World War I

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A museum is a great way to preserve items and history for the future generations to learn and gain knowledge of the past. Similarly, on my visit with the honor’s class to the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial at Kansas City, I gained a valuable knowledge about the World War 1. The overall message that the museum convey about the Great War was to remember and appreciate the soldiers, men and women who served in World War 1. There was so many visual images all around the Museum that gave a better mind picture of how it was during the war. For example, the scenes of life size trenches and crater, pictures during the war, different types of clothing each country wore, Reflection room with World War 1-era music, etc. Overall, the museum is a great education tool of World War 1. The museum on the whole helped me to understand the Great War better. One of the most helpful exhibits was the scene of trenches and crater. I have seen trenches in movies and images. But, I have never seen it with my own, bare eyes. Observing things in reality is always more helpful comprehend compared to images and movies. Even though, it is not a real trench, I got a better grasp of the actual size and type of materials they used to make it. Besides that, the crater gave me an idea on the effect of destruction. I was not sure about the cause of the crater so I researched about it. I found out that it illustrates “the devastating effects when a French farmhouse is struck by a 17-inch howitzer

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