The Museum Is The Cartonnage Of Nespanetjerenpare

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The Ancient Egyptian artifact that I chose to analyze and is the most interesting piece I have seen in the museum is the Cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpare. The artwork itself was larger than me and that was one of the reasons why this artwork was very interesting to me, since I am a fairly tall individual. It was created during the Third intermediate period that was around Dynasty XXII or the twenty second Dynasty of Ancient Egypt and was possibly acquired from Thebes. The dynasty was also known as the Bubastite dynasty which was approxamently from 945-718 B.C. The materials used to create the Cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpare are linen, plaster, paint, glass and lapis lazuli. The cartonnage was made with the linen mixed in with the plaster. In order to accomplish the mixture of linen and plaster the Egyptians probably had to use a bucket, linen, plaster and lukewarm water. The Egyptians would use the bucket to mix the two substances. First the Egyptians would need to premix the plaster and linen flour. Secondly they would pour clean warm water into the bucket (which would presumably be from the Nile River). Next the Egyptians would add the dry plaster and linen into the water. After the Egyptians have finished sifting and could not see anymore standing water they would leave the bucket for a few moments until the substances were ready to stir. Finally when the Egyptians were ready, they stirred the bucket and eliminated all the lumps that may have been produced in the

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