The Museum Of Ancient Egyptian Art

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The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art collections, including artifacts and objects relating to the different periods of ancient Egyptian history, starting from the prehistoric period until the Greek roman period. The museum maintains an information system consisting of all the records pertaining to the museum’s collection. The principle components of this system are as following: 1. Board of Trustees Records: The Board of Trustees Records reflect the activities of Museum of the Ancient Egyptian Art Board. The records basically are pertaining to the several Broad Presidents and the Broad Members • Corporate documents such as the museum bylaws, leases, and agreements. • Documents which contain the museum’s financial information. • Correspondence which contains the communications to and from the board of Trustees other than the president. • Minutes from the Board of Trustees, Executive Board, Senior Board, and various committees. They include resolutions, votes, correspondence, memos, and amendments to the museum’s bylaws. • Trustee Manuals which contain copies of Museum of the Ancient Egyptian Art 's mission, code of ethics, bylaws, collection policy, accession and deaccession policy, Museum’s acquisition policy, and strategic plan, as well as lists of museum’s staff, trustees, trustee committees. • The director 's annual reports presented by the director of the Museum of the Ancient Egyptian Art to the Board of Trustees outlining the various activities of the different
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