The Museum Of Art Exhibitions

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Last week I decided to visit one of the most well-known art exhibitions in Dallas. As I entered the Dallas Museum of Art I was immediately captivated by the striking and vivid acrylic mural on the walls created by Nicolas Party entitled Pathway. Party said to have worked on-site at the exhibit for three weeks to transform the Museum 's central pathway into a mesmerizing, lively colored forest; it was such a contrast to the rest of the exhibit’s entrance. Straight ahead was the Nancy and Tim Hanley Gallery filled with dull blank white walls matched with a few art pieces; versus the pathway on the right filled with colorful life that was yanking me in the direction of a brand new world. To me it seemed as if the walls were desperately waiting to be brought to life by other inspired artist like Party. The mural not only caught my attention but it made me thirst for more fascinating art as such. As I continued down the intriguing path filled with distinctive shaped trees and bushes accompanied by splashes of different shades of green, blue and purple I found a random, seemingly misplaced painting right in the middle of the pathway. The portrait instantly became one of my favorites. There hung a large painting of two straight-faced men with serious expressions having thin yet boldly dark eyebrows, perfectly winged eyeshadow and cherry red lipstick. This portrait was extremely protrude for the simple fact of how modernized it was. In today’s era it’s become more common to see men
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