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The Philbrook Museum of Art is easily the best museum Tulsa has to offer, and since I have been there before I probably wasn’t going into with a fresh mindset. However, I think the additional knowledge of art I learned through the couple of years in between allowed me to appreciate even more of the art there. I went there with Prof. Trotter and most of the class of art appreciation. I don’t think that most people that go there realize that the museum has such a rich history, and some of the art there is exceptional in my opinion. We went there November 6th, it was a sunny Friday, and I was able to get off work so it made the visit even more fun. The museum was located in the heart of one of richest neighborhoods of Tulsa, which makes sense considering the museum was once owned by a wealthy oilman. I went to the Philbrook not only to make sure I was able to write this essay, but because I truly love art throughout history.

I have learned a lot about art, history, and even life from the last time I was at the Philbrook, and this time around I came out with great appreciation for the Italian Renaissance Revival Style that was used throughout. My first go around the formal gardens were closed for whatever reason, so I never got to see it. This is why my favorite architecture would have to be the garden. When Prof. Trotter explained to us that the pond was setup to ensure a reflection of the tempietto or museum would always be seen I thought it was pure genius. One

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