The Museum Of Fine Art

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The Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas has a variety of art collections. To be precise, the canopic jar is mounted on a large pedestal among other sculptures. This Canopic Jar was made in Egypt during the dynasty XXVI, 664-525 B.C. It was made from limestone. The jar was masterfully carved from stone and subsequently painted over. It is a historical masterpiece and it is relatively in good condition. Such stone jars were used to house the organs of the deceased. Their organs were put in these canopic jars during the mummification process. The lids of these stone jars have a human face. The faces were carved to represent the four sons of the god Horus. The three-dimensional jar is solid and quite large. It is well displayed in a spacious environment. The lid of the jar is organic due to the life-like face that stares back at the viewer. The rest of the jar is cylindrical with graceful proportions. The size of the jar interpenetrates with the surrounding space. It turns in space and it was meant to be viewed from several points of view. Its cylindrical nature makes the viewer’s eye wander all around its form to take in its splendor. Contour lines have been used to make the gentle outline of the jar, giving it a closed silhouette. The dominant linear elements have been incised on the surface of the jar. Beautifully crafted hieroglyphic inscriptions can be seen on the middle of the jar. The contour outline of the jar makes it have a volumetric presence. There are traces of
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