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The artwork is one of the main ways to express the culture of a region or a country. Therefore, art has played a very important role throughout history. When talking about art, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is probably that art is a painting or it is a sculpture. However, art has many forms of expression, and it closely connects to human’s daily life. Besides paintings and sculptures, art is everywhere around us. I am always interested in how people have linked art with daily life throughout history. For this reason, the two pieces of artwork I chose from my visit to the Museum of Fine Arts are both objects that can be used in everyday life: one is the mixing bowl and the other is an incense burner. Though they are from different cultures, have different making processes, and have a different purpose in usage, they both are good examples to show how artists tried to apply art using different techniques to human’s daily life. The first vessel is a ceramic mixing bowl (column-krater), which is about 20 inches in height. The handles on each side of the vessel connect the rim of the vessel to its shoulder and serve as supportive items. Since the vessel is a bowl used for mixing wine and water, these columns also make it easier for people to hold it in carrying and wine pouring. The decoration of the vessel is left in the red clay color and the background is painted black due to the red-figure technique used in the firing process. The figures, such as the

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