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Dear to whom it may concern in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston

I am writing to you to express my interest in the job opportunity “Terrace Research Associate in Egyptian Art” in the Department of Art of the Ancient World, one of open staff positions in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston next Summer.

As an applicant for the job opportunity in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston, I would be interested in the division, the Arts of Ancient Egypt collections I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Egyptology from Cairo University in Egypt, where I studied in its prestigious Department of Archeology. In the course of my four years of undergraduate education, I studied various subjects, including the history of ancient Egypt (prehistoric, pre-dynastic, and dynastic periods), ancient Egyptian archeology, ancient Egyptian language, Coptic language, Hieratic scripts and texts, archaeological sites, museology and excavation, religions thought in ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian society, history and archeology during the Ptolemaic period, history and civilization of ancient Greece as well as history and archeology of Egypt in Roman period.

My interest in art grew out of my passion for history, particularly the ancient history of Egypt, where I was born and raised. Already as a child I was fascinated by museums and the vast amount of objects they contained and I avidly read the label information of each museum object. My academic study of art, particularly Egyptian and ancient Near Eastern art, began

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