The Museum Of Fine Arts

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The Museum of Fine Arts, located in St. Petersburg, Florida holds a variety of artworks that depict a specific period in human development and cultural aspects. The variety was very helpful and the process to narrow down the search of a painting of my choice became less difficult. The painting that I choose was made by an American artist named Stuart Davis Untitled (Black and White Variation on Windshield Mirror). Davis’s painting was extremely peculiar and I wanted to further examine its properties. The Untitled has three characteristics that are unique: Davis’s background for creating the painting, understanding the types of lines used, and the choice of color schemes.
John Volk was the architect that designed The Museum of Fine Arts and explained the structure as such: “a museum should give a feeling of permanence and that is what I have tried to do with this building”. His plan was well executed, when I arrived to the museum I noticed two different designs. The front of the museum reminded me of the Ionic Order, the Volutes and the molded bases became my main focus. The beige paint seemed like a great fit as well, it added to the light and airy flow within the museum and gave me further evidence that the Ionic order outside represented what was displayed inside. However, the actual style of the building was a Palladian Style which originated from Europe in the 1500’s.
The floor plans were open with extremely tall ceilings and enormous windows that invited brilliant

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