The Museum Of London : An Era Of Fast Paced Social Transformations

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Introduction In an era of fast-paced social transformations, museums as social institutions are faced with more challenges than ever before. New cultural policy, economic pattern shift, technological innovation and other factors are all putting the pressure on. Management therefore becomes extremely vital to museums as to all industries, and at the core of it lies the issue of forward planning. Forward planning, of which Stuart Davies has made a definition (1996,7), is a process that can guide museums through the difficult times, producing better services and greater efficiency. As the product of this process, a forward plan then should be able to help museums in sticking to their set goals, monitoring the fulfillment of schedule and continuing with strategic thinking. However, having a written document does not necessarily guarantee museums a secure future. Though there are no rules that must be complied with in the composition, there are indeed standards relating to the nature of museum management involved and in need of appropriate address. This report takes the example of the Museum of London, examining its 2013-2018 forward plan from both strengths and drawbacks with reference to specific statements. Hopefully, some useful suggestions could be offered through the analysis to guide the museum in updating their plan for the two years ahead and achieving expected outcomes by the end. Museum Background The Museum of London, as its name indicates, is a comprehensive city

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