The Museum Of Modern Art Christmas Card

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While the LOVE sculpture is in fact a sculpture, it actually originated as a print image for the Museum of Modern Art Christmas card in 1964. Shortly after it became a popular postage stamp, while finally becoming a sculpture in 1970. The idea behind this work of art originated when the Museum of Modern Art asked Indiana to design a Christmas card. He reflected upon his nomadic childhood, remembering posters he had frequently seen at a Christian Science churches with the words “God is love (Robert Indiana Works.)” He took this concept of love and stacked the LO on top of the VE in red, green, and blue, and added further interest by tilting the O. While this became a popular icon in the United States and beyond, Indiana refused to copyright his famous image and variations of it. Since this image was being rapidly reproduced by the public, many people incorrectly labeled Indiana as a sell out, even though he made very little money from his famous LOVE sculpture (Wilde.) Robert Indiana, birth name Robert Clark, was born in New Castle, Indiana in 1928. Being praised for his artwork by his elementary school teacher is what motivated him to pursue the career of art, leading him to join the Airforce for three years and after attend the Art Institute of Chicago, the Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting in Maine, and the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland (Biography Robert Indiana.) His art gained popularity upon living in New York and many works of art featured at

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