The Museum Of Modern Art

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I chose to travel to the Museum of Modern Art for this assignment. Once I was there, I wasn’t sure which artwork I wanted to focus my analysis on. At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the museum (I have never been), but after a little while I gained my bearings and began to explore for 20th century art. After viewing many of the paintings that we discussed in depth in class and many that we did not, I decided to write my analysis on “Street Light,” by Giacomo Balla. I chose this painting because the colors and aspects of it intrigue me. I am also familiar with it, which can help aid me in my analysis. I was extremely interested when we discussed Futurism in class, and I was happy that I could find something in the Museum of Modern Art that had to do with that particular movement, especially a painting that we touched upon. The painting itself was much larger than I anticipated in person, and stood taller than me the way it was mounted on the wall. The colors were more vibrant than any picture online could convey, and I found that I had to restrain myself from physically touching the lines of color that symbolized the street lamps light. Up close, I was able to notice the finer details of the work. The lines seemed a little messier and more hastily painted than I had originally thought, however, this added to the movement of the piece overall. I found myself wishing that the lines of color pushed to the boundaries of the painting rather than ending before
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