The Museum Of Modern Art

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Before the 19th century, artists mainly made artwork for the wealthy people and the religious groups. They were controlled by the academy and painted in a way that mainstream society recognized. Many of their paintings depicted scenes of mythology and church. However in the 19th century, industrialization brought many new technologies to ordinary people, making the impossible possible. Many artists began to create artworks to explore the concept of symbolism. Many of their subjects were daily things such as ordinary people, normal places and the things they had direct experience on. They challenged the traditional concept that artists must depict realistic worlds. Instead, they used a wide range of colors, materials and techniques to express their feelings about the world.
In speaking of modern art, the first thing that comes to mind is my trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York last fall break. It was my first time seeing these masterpieces in person and I was totally shocked by the complexity of the great minds of these artists. There I saw many famous artworks such as The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí and Water Lilies by Claude Monet.
Of all the painting that I saw, the most impressive one is Starry Night by the Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. The painting depicts a scene at night with 11 swirly stars and a crescent moon. There are hills in the background, a serene town with a church in the middle, and a cypress tree in the front. It is…

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