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"I am always surprised at all the things people read into my photos, but it also amuses me. That may be because I have nothing specific in mind when I’m working. My intentions are neither feminist nor political. I try to put double or multiple meanings into my photos, which might give rise to a greater variety of interpretations. (Sherman)" In 1977 artist, and feminist, Cindy Sherman created a series of untitled film stills over a five-year span. Each of these stills depicts Sherman playing a different role as a woman in society. Although Sherman did not try to portray a message of feminism in her art, it was inevitable during this time period. When looking at her stills, women now, and in the 80’s saw a message of female empowerment. They saw a beautiful, confident woman making a statement and it made them want to make a statement to. Even though these stills are not on display in a museum, they can be viewed on the Museum of Modern Art website. After examining Sherman’s thirty-fifth film still, it is clear that Sherman’s work depicts a strong message about women of the late 70’s and the early 80’s.
In 1954, Cindy Sherman was born in New Jersey. When she was twenty-three years old she made her first film still of a sixty-nine untitled film still series. Each still made a statement about stereotypes that exist in society. Many of these stills are black and white and focus mainly on facial expressions and provoke emotion ( Editors 2014). Sherman always wanted to…
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