The Museum Of Natural History

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In March of 2010, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History marked its 100th anniversary with the opening of the Hall of Human Origins exhibit. The Hall of Human Origins is comprised of information that takes museum-goers back in time to witness human development over the course of thousands of years and its impact on the world. For many, this exhibit serves as an environment that fosters learning, increases knowledge, and sparks interest in anthropic history. Yet for others, this exhibit sticks out like a sore thumb, due to the fact that an exhibit based on the premise of evolution goes entirely against what a large majority of Americans still hold to be true- creationism. The support for creationism and backlash against evolution has remained ever present despite years of knowledge accumulation within the scientific community. This plethora of discovery is laid out on the table as the sections of the exhibit delve into a variety of topics ranging from the origins of language, social structure, and our impact on the earth throughout the years. Despite the sections being seemingly geared towards pro-evolution museum goers, it is evident, through observation, that the museum developers had the goal of appealing to creationists as well. They did this through finding common ground on both the side of evolutionists and creationists, common ground which is rooted in anthropocentrism. The language and rhetoric used within the Hall of Human Origins emphasizes the anthropocentric
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