The Museum Of The West Michigan Area

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Many different museums surround the West Michigan area and are the storage centers of the history of our counties, state, and country. When visiting a museum many people take in the sights and displays but never understand the work behind the scenes that when into providing the great historic exhibits. Many of museums are free admission or a slight admission fee but that small amount of profit is barely enough to keep the lights on. So one may ask how do museum economically survive if there is very little profit made on tourism or museum visits? Also one may ask how is a museum able to have employment with the little profit made each year where is money magically appearing to afford to run these museums? Well on a visit to the Lakeshore Museum Center in Muskegon, Michigan, I was ready to partake in answering these questions, and had many more questions to discover the operational structure that made this museum operate daily. This paper is divided into three parts. First, we will look at the beginning point of exhibitions- which covers what museum believes to be the purpose of their exhibitions as set out in their overall mission statement and in exhibition purpose statements. Next, we will look at how the Lakeshore Museum Center is funded and if the museum solicits grants and donations. As well what the organizational structure of the museum is by identifying the roles and responsibilities of the museum administration - which covers how leadership is arranged and why the
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