The Museum Of Tolerance Is An Eye Opening Experience For Me

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The United States is composed of people from different parts of the world. These people chose to leave their country and migrate to the United States in order to have a better life. Many of these people see America as the land of opportunity. There are various ethnic groups living here in America and discrimination among these ethnic groups are still very common in our society today. Every individual is unique and have their own beliefs. These beliefs and their value system is hugely influenced by the society and the culture they grow up around. Regardless of the race or ethnicity, all individuals want to be treated equally. But in order to be treated fairly, we should treat people the way we want ourselves to be treated. I considered myself lucky that I was born in 21st century. Everyone today has a voice and stand up for what they think is right or wrong. The visit to the Museum of Tolerance was an eye-opening experience for me. I had heard about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party before but I did not have any idea of all the sufferings they had brought to the Jewish people in Germany. The Holocaust is one of the most significant event that has happened in the world’s history. The visit to the museum showed me the horrifying facet of discrimination and inhumanity from the past. Jews were being blamed for Germany’s loss during World War I and economic hardships in the country. During the Holocaust, Jewish were discriminated, persecuted and murdered. I felt really sad hearing

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