The Museum : The Dali Museum

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The museum I chose to visit was the Dali Museum mainly because I have been wanting to check it out since I first moved down here to Florida three years ago. My sister has always been a huge Salvador Dali fan and even has a tattoo of his painting titled “The Elephants” on her side. I am looking forward to experiencing more of his paintings other than his most popular works of art. I am also hoping this experience will give me a greater appreciation for him as an artist by seeing the diversity of his works. What I am least looking forward to is trying to find one work of art that really stands out to me enough to write this paper about. I am sure I am going to find multiple pieces of art that I will love. 1. Tieta, "Portrait of My Aunt", Cadaqués 2. Salvador Dalí 3. 1923-24 4. Painting 5. Impressionism 6. Oil on canvas 7. Image: 20 3/4 in x 16 1/4 in 8. Painted in Spain. Product of heavy influence from impressionist period and artist Renoir. 9. I would classify this painting as Western. My reasoning behind this is because the impressionist period which occurred in the 19th century mainly in France which is considered a Western country. While many impressionists were influenced by Non-Western art, I would still consider this Western. The three most significant art principles I found in this painting are the contrast of the light and dark areas, the focal point being his aunt, and the sense of unity conveyed. The contrast of colors shows the natural cast of shadows within an
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