The Museum : The Overland Trail Museum Essay

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The historical site that I visited was the Overland Trail Museum in Sterling, Colorado. The main part of the museum that I will focus on is the Pioneer Village that they have there. I really liked this museum, because it is a more hands-on museum than other museums that I have visited. In the village, they have many different buildings. These buildings included Garrett Barber Shop, a schoolhouse, Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Church, a doctor 's office, a Dailey Store, The O 'Connell House, a Filing Station, a train station, and a train car. Every time you went into one of these buildings, there was a brief summary of where the building used to be located and the building was filled with things you would have found in that building a long time ago. Bill Garrett in Haxtun, Colorado opened the Garrett Barber Shop in 1910. I found it very interesting that people used to go to the barbershop in the morning where they would hear of local news and listen to many different stories that people told. If I were living in the 1900 's, I know I would be visiting the barbershop every day to listen to the town gossip, because I love hearing stories and being in the middle of the town drama. When I went into the Garrett Barber Shop, the first thing I noticed was the list of services. On the list of services, you could buy a hot bath for 25 cents and egg shampoo for 35 cents. Hot baths are one of my favorite relaxation methods, so if I lived in the 1900 's and had to go to the

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