The Museum 's Main Purpose Essay

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The museum’s main purpose is not only to educate the public about American Indians, but also to “deconstruct stereotypes” and give tribal members something along the lines of a safe place where they are welcome to embrace their ethnicity. One factor that showcases the information I previously stated is the fact that tribal members have free admission into the museum. Another way the museum salutes the ethnicity of American Indians is by commemorating Native individuals alive today. Names of famous Native Americans are displayed along with their contributions to the ethnic group. One of the people displayed is Sarah Deer, who is a professor and lawyer that fought for Tribal Jurisdiction. Upon arrival, I was informed that the museum is divided by Tribe and the regions in which each tribe was located. The museum is divided into Alaska/Canada, Northwest Coast, Southwest, Plains, and Woodlands. The reason I think it is divided this way is so that every person who visits has the ability to learn about each region of tribes separately. It is easy to make assumptions that Native Americans were all the same, but the truth is that they are all unique. Each tribe has their own customs, clothing, food, and ways of life. The Alaska/Canada region includes tribes like the Athapaskan, Inuit, Cree, Chipewyan, Ojibwe, Naskapi, and the Montagnais. Because these tribes had to deal with an extremely harsh environment, they adapted by utilizing animals and tools to help them survive. Their
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