The Music And Arts Festival

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Go with the flow I have been to multiple concerts before but nothing compares to the Resonance Music and Arts Festival, a weekend long camp out of like-minded, motived, music loving individuals. In simpler terms, modern day hippies. These hippies focus more on medication, dancing, and yoga as a way to reach the ultimate state of joy. The people around me, the clothing they wore, the smell of weed that filled the air, and the music that blared through the speakers were all things I will never forget about that summer weekend. The life style of hundreds of individuals in a crowd was different from anything I had ever laid my eyes on. Although I never imagined to be in a new environment, I had no choice. I My dad works for Budweiser, the…show more content…
Suddenly I could not take my eyes off what was in front of me. Hammocks were hung from trees and even hung from car mirrors. There were hippies sleeping in, and on their cars. I saw people cooking on small grills, selling food right from the trunk of their car. A simple sign that read, “Fish tacos.” I was memorized by all the booths that lined the entrances of Legend Valley. People sold paintings, jewelry, tie dyed bags, shirts, skirts, and head bands. I made my dad stop at one booth because I saw a dress that I absolutely loved. It was priced at $30. When I paid for my purchase the woman expressed how grateful she was that I was buying her clothing because that is how she made a living. She told me the story of how she lives in her car, and travels to these festivals. I felt sad for a brief moment until I realized this was her calling and she was truly happy. It inspired me to appreciate the little things that surround me.
Also there were hundreds of tents on the opposite side of our camper, each one a bright color with some article of tie dye draped over it. In front of the tents sat chairs, empty. I asked my dad, “Where is everyone?” He just chuckled and said, “You’ll see them when we attend the concert.”
When we made our way back to the camper, there was a car full of young modern day hippies parking next to us. My eyes wondered to each

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