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Have you ever listened to music that makes you reminisce? Perhaps is is from the first boy band you listened to in middle school, or the old school R&B or Soul that your father and mother listened to when you were a kid. For me, I draw the most happiness from the Caribbean music, namely reggae, soca music, and my favorite, calypso. All of these genres for me, seem as though they take the most quintessential parts of living a happy simple life in the Caribbean and present it to make time at the moment seem perfect, in one word. Steel pan music, which draws its roots from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, draws together the experiences and emotions of all of these music categories making it one of the most enjoyable forms of music for…show more content…
Close your eyes and imagine an early Christmas morning where the men have been up since 7 am ‘limin’ as they call it, or hanging out with one another drinking, eating and being merry. In the background is the playing of Chutkaipan by Scrunter playing with the steel pan in the background backing up his vocals every other verse. At the time, as a youth, I did not quite understand a word that he said, and to this day I still cannot really understand, but in a way, in my understanding, it is Scrunter, just like many calypso artist rejoicing over food, music, and being merry with his people. In my past notes, I alluded to the concept of simply enjoying the music and having a good time through the hard times and the easier experiences. This is what my father and mother instilled in me from since the time I was a youth: all we have is our health, and that is not worth building stress over. In a way, calypso music and listening to it in conjunction with pan has helped me build this mindset over the years. In car rides with them, they would discuss life in Trinidad coming up with calypso music and how it has made them feel. Coming up in Trinidad, my parents told me of the pan yards that surrounded their neighborhoods, from Tableland to San Fernando, the pannists would beat drum in the yards all

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