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Have you ever listened to music that makes you reminisce? Perhaps is is from the first boy band you listened to in middle school, or the old school R&B or Soul that your father and mother listened to when you were a kid. For me, I draw the most happiness from the Caribbean music, namely reggae, soca music, and my favorite, calypso. All of these genres for me, seem as though they take the most quintessential parts of living a happy simple life in the Caribbean and present it to make time at the moment seem perfect, in one word. Steel pan music, which draws its roots from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, draws together the experiences and emotions of all of these music categories, making it one of the most enjoyable forms of music for myself, as well as soca and calypso appreciators around the globe. For this ethnographic piece, the driving force was myself moving off of my love for Caribbean music and learn how to play the steel pan. From the early stages of my life, I was exposed to the music subgroup, and developed a love for the sound and admiration for those involved in it. Such passion for pan and calypso music made transitioning into getting involved with a project about the subject substantially easier. As a result, the piece will offer insight into my experiences playing pan, and in what manners they were enhanced, and at times, discouraged. Additionally, insight into the true history of the origins of the pan tradition, as well as its influence and eventual…

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