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The Music Club is a blog posted on the website However, unlike a typical blog, The Music Club only publishes new articles towards the end of December. Although all of the articles shared are about music, there are different components, such as the biggest hits of the year, musicals, and produces, covered by various authors. Despite the range of topics covered on this blog, the overall purpose of this blog is to review all types popular trends of the year. There main reason why it is beneficial for this blog, one that only updates before the end of the year, to emphasize popular trends is because it will attract more readers. Because of the lack of continuous content, many people will not know about the blog. If The Music Club focused…show more content…
For example, authors Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and Lindsay Zoladz are both critical of popular artist Drake in their respective pieces. Shepard explains that her least favorite song of the year was Drake’s “Charged Up.” This song was an unexpected diss track towards rapper Meek Mill that gained traction because young people on the Internet enjoyed the drama associated with it. Unlike Shepard, Zoldaz is a fan of Drake, but still critiques his music and his attitude towards woman. In 2015, Drake’s most popular single was “Hotline Bling,” which gained even more success because of social media. After the music video for “Hotline Bling” was released, many people posted Internet jokes about Drake’s dance moves. However, in the midst of all this fun, Zaldaz found time to dissect the lyrics of the song. She argues that Drake’s attitude towards women has become “old-fashioned” and uses “Hotline Bling,” a song where Drake seems to be annoyed at a girl for going out, to prove her point. In addition to speaking about artists such as Drake on this blog, topics such as sexism and racism within and caused by the music industry are also covered. For example, authors discussed the difficulty black women face regarding gaining recognition in the industry in comparison to their white counterparts. Furthermore, they…show more content…
We deserve to share our opinions about music and listen to other’s opinions as well. Furthermore, the content on The Music Club manages to both celebrate and critique popular music without downplaying the genre or those who enjoy it. I also agree that conversations about topics such as racism and sexism should be discussed concerning music and the music industry. There are many questions regarding these topics that need to be answered: Do derogatory lyrics towards women impact a person’s behavior? Does musical cultural appropriation exist? And the only way we will answer these questions is by having the difficult and controversial conversations about these topics. Overall, the articles written on The Music Club have a lot of variety, celebrate popular music, and even discuss social justice. I look forward to reading
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