The Music Has Been The Main Outlet For Some Powerful Speakers

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Over time music has been the main outlet for some powerful speakers. The context of the music deals with Black lives matter and how to improve lives within the black community. Also pointing out the situations that they have encounter with the police. We can take a look at the music from the 90s and compare todays music and see that the music points out everything the artist is living and witnessing. Although, there is a difference between the two areas, and that difference is that the language back in the 90s was more direct compared to the language of today 's artist. Now more of the music is more subliminal that makes the listener think more and be more conscious of what is going on. Now the music has to be broken down more not only…show more content…
Almost going to say that black is bad and police are doing a good job if they kill them. Another line that stands out from this song is "I got love for my brother but we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other." This line Tupac wants the his "brother" as in the black male to be more together than separate. According to the article in titled "These Lyrics from Tupac 's "Changes" Are Even More Haunting 20 Years After His Death" by Mic Network published by Tom Barnes. Barnes argued that Tupac was ahead of his time and that his lyrics ultimately started conversations about racism. This also means his lyrics could be look at for gang violence. Which separated a lot of blacks during that time in the Compton that could 've made a huge difference within the black community if they were more unified. Tupac just wanted the black community to come together and be one so that we could make changes and put differences aside that pulled us apart from one another. The lyrics from the song are direct and simple to follow. Tupac made it easy to tell the meaning behind the messages he wanted to get across to his listeners. "Hiii Power" by Kendrick Lamar could be viewed similar to Tupac 's "Changes" but in much different context. One line to point out comes from the first verse where he says " I got my finger on the mothafuckin '

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