The Music Industry Has Experienced A Difficult Period For The Past Decade

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Introduction: The music industry has experienced a difficult period for the past decade. since the initial decline of Napster both record labels and artists have seen their revenues dwindling. As the music industry has progressed vinyls were swapped for CD’s and more recently on demand audio streaming. Since its introduction, digital audio streaming has been regarded as the demise of the audio industry by some artists and promoters, however, it is also perceived as the future of the industry as it has shown promising growth over its relatively short existence. This is due to various positive and negative factors that are entwined in the system, This factors being primarily overall revenue and profitability of the method, as much as convenience for both consumers, promoters and artist. In order to understand such debate, one must first assess the actual definition of music streaming, furthermore, identifying its effects towards the music industry and what could be regarded as its life blood: Artist income and average revenue. By definition streaming is the ability to listen to a record in real time without requiring the user to download a certain file. Such is possible by compressing data to sizes where it can be quickly accessed by the user allowing for parallel playback and buffering (rapidly loading more content than what will be used at the time to allow continuous playback). Delivery methods for streams will vary, ranging from subscription based paying streams to add

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