The Music Industry : The Advent Of The Internet

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The music industry is one of the few industries that have enjoyed complete dominance in their particular segment from their very beginnings all the way up to the late 1990s. Once the internet began to take hold, and become available in every home, the music industry began losing ground in their market segment. Digital downloading through the internet became so popular that record labels began losing money at a significant rate. Their reaction to illegal downloading has been controversial, as well as desperate at times. An analysis on the history of the music industry, the advent of the internet as it applies to the recording industry, and the legal and ethical implications of their reaction may offer some clarity in how the record labels may move forward and still maintain a profit. The music industry has a vast history that has brought music into the homes of people since the invention of the phonograph in the late 1800s (Borg, 2003). In the beginning, the music industry was lucrative. The industry was controlled by a small handful of major record labels that had a monopoly on music mediums. There was only one medium, which was the record album, and they promoted these records through the radio (Borg, 2003). Back then, the record labels had a tight grip on the products they were selling. It was very difficult to bootleg a record because transferring a recording was more expensive than actually purchasing a record (Borg, 2003). Beginning in the 1960s more mediums
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