The Music Industry and Technology: Changing the Way the World listens and Shares Music

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These developments, in turn, have both positive and negative effects on musicians who are desperate to make it in the music business.

One of the most pinnacle developments in the past two years has been the use of Online distribution and how it allows unsigned artists to promote themselves. Online distribution has ‘brought about radical and unprecedented changes in the music industry’ (digitaldownloader, 2011); ‘sparked by new technologies and Internet use distributing music as a digital good’ (Bockstedt, Kauffman, Riggins, 2004) as opposed to physical. The internet has played a major part in the development of distribution due to its ‘ubiquity and immediacy’ that ‘provides a huge, frictionless environment to match buyers with sellers’ (Parikh, 1999). Fitzpatrick describes the internet as ‘a powerful vehicle for discovering not just information, but media, too’ (Fitzpatrick, 2010) and with the up rise of countless websites that have been specially designed to advertise and sell music, more and more artists’ are utilizing the internet to both distribute and promote their craft.

Bandcamp, iTunes, Reverb Nation, Soundcloud and Spotify are but a few online distributers that are there for artists who want to promote themselves to the online world. As an unsigned musician, these sites are vital for creating a…
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