The Music Of A Music Educator

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When schools are low in money ,and have budget cuts, if the music program isn 't good enough, it’s usually the first program to be cancelled (Bartimoccia). Meaning it is no longer available to students. With this in mind, good and successful music instructors are important to society because without them music programs and all other musical activities or people don 't have a chance to make it into the musical business. A music educator is a rewarding job because they help students learn about general music, choral or voice music , instrumental music, or a combination of all music. A music educator job consists of teaching classes or individuals the different types of music. In both class and individual teaching the students being taught can have a range of ages, abilities, and grade levels.When teaching students the teacher plans lessons to suit individuals of each group. They also set assignments and mark and assess a persons work. Music educators who work in schools may help with other musical related activities besides choir, orchestras or bands. These other activities may consist of of organizing concerts and musical performances. A music teacher, not only teaches the basics of music, but they also teach about the history, theory, and importance, or background, of all kinds of music. The education needed to become a music educator is at least 4-5 years of college or university (“Career Cruising”). During this time one will also need a completion of an approved…
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