The Music Of Elvis Presley

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There were many types of bands and many diverse forms of music coming out and showing up in the 1960’s. It was a time for a new form of music, a new sound, it was time for a revolution. There were all types of music being played and new music being created. There were all sorts of bands playing different kinds of music and playing with their own styles while taking over the airwaves. Whether it be rock, soul, or any other type of music, it was a revolution. This also led to new bands forming and breaking into the industry. In the Sixties rock music came of age and dominated the popular music charts. Elvis Presley continued to score hits in the early part of the decade, but the music continued to diversify with music like the folk revival, the Brill Building sound, Phil Spector 's wall of sound, girl groups and surf music, all impacting the early part of the decade. The Motown, Stax and Atlantic labels brought more African-American artists to the forefront of the pop charts. By 1964 American artists were sharing the top of the charts with U.K. bands led by great bands like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In the U.S. garage bands emerge, inspired by the British Invasion sound. (RockMusicTimeline, 2010-2015) There were many bands that were ruling the airwaves and even just beginning and making their name in the music industry. From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, all the way to Black Sabbath in the category of Rock. Songs ranging from “Hey Jude” to “Whole Lotta
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