The Music Of Guns N ' Roses '

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Guns N’ Roses is a heavy metal band that helped the rise of heavy metal as the mainstream genre in the 1980’s. Their music has a unique sound with influences from heavy metal and hair metal/glam metal periods. One song that illustrates both of these musical influences is the song “Welcome to the Jungle” on the album “Appetite for Destruction”.
The members of Guns N’ Roses got their start as a band in Los Angeles, California. At the time of their band rising to fame, America was still in the transition of heavy metal becoming a mainstream genre again. Although metal was present throughout the 1980’s it was not until the late 80’s when it achieved mainstream success. The popular music genres at the time were hip-hop, electronic music, soft rock, alternative rock, and pop music. Country music was also a popular genre of music in the early 1980’s but eventually got less popular. While Guns n’ Roses were building up their popularity it took nearly a year to get the gigs they were looking for. In that year the odds were against the band. They had a hard time when it came to getting gigs because “… a series of frenzied, violent shows landed the Gunners on the shit list of everyone, including club owner, rival bands and the press – everyone but the fans, who grew in numbers with each passing gig,” (Del, “Axl Rose: The Rolling Stone Interview”). Once they had a large fan base, Tom Zutaut noticed the bands popularity and decided to sign them to Geffen Records in 1986. Even though
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